The Profession

Landscape Architecture is the art and science of planning, design and management of our landscape resources. Landscape architects seek to provide engaging active and passive outdoor spaces while preserving the health, safety and welfare of its users and occupants.

The profession of landscape architecture is diverse in practice type, broad in scope of services and varied in project scale. Professional services include:

  • Site Planning
  • Garden Design
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Community and Urban Planning
  • Regional Design and Planning
  • Historic Preservation

Projects that often benefit from the expertise of a landscape architect include:

  • Arboreta and Zoos
  • Campuses
  • Corporate and Institutional Facilities
  • Cultural and Historic Sites
  • Natural, Environmental and Cultural Sites
  • Golf Courses
  • Memorials and Sculpture Gardens
  • Parks and Public Open Space
  • Residences, Estates and Ranches
  • Tourism Facilities and Interpretive Centers
  • Transportation Systems and Facilities
  • Urban Streetscapes, Plazas and Infrastructure
  • Waterfronts and Greenways

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