Investing in Education

Five years ago, under its then President Dale Hall, the chapter spearheaded an initiative where GAASLA would commit to a $25,000 undergraduate endowment. This meant an annual gift of $5,000 per year for five years to establish a fund at the UGA College of Environment + Design. We have met that commitment every year with the help of our annual golf outing and other contributions, and I am proud to announce that on Friday, 25 January, we were able to present the final funding to the College and UGA Foundation.

Additionally, we provided $1,000 from the chapter’s general fund to support immediate award of the scholarship to a student this year. After 2013, the interest income generated from the endowment will fund the scholarship on its own, with excess funds being reinvested to grow the amount available. The Executive Committee is discussing the continued support of this worthy cause to continue growing the fund in future years, at such levels as each ExComm may decide.  

It is worth noting that GAASLA may in fact be the only chapter in the country to have so endowed a scholarship. Many chapters award an annual scholarship, but very few have gone the route of establishing a permanent and perpetual gift to support leading students in landscape architecture.