Scholarship Information

ASLA-GA Membership Scholarship(s) Information & Eligibility Requirements

Goal Statement:

The current economic crisis has left many in the field of Landscape Architecture without employment. Record numbers of jobs have been eliminated or redistributed across all areas of the industry including academia and public and private sectors. In order to lower overhead costs, many employers have slashed budgets for continuing education and professional memberships. The ASLA-GA Executive Committee believes it is one of the duties of the chapter to support as best we can members in need. Unemployed landscape architects may become divested and leave the profession. By providing scholarship(s) to members of the chapter, ASLA-GA aims to retain some of the most talented and enthusiastic chapter participants.


Four (4) statewide scholarships will be provided to members based on eligibility requirements outlined below. Scholarships will fund a full year of National ASLA membership fees and Georgia State chapter membership. The National ASLA fee structure applies. If, for example, an applicant is eligible for a Student or Associate membership, ASLA-GA will provide the scholarship for that amount. For current membership fees, see:

Eligibility Requirements:

Any current or former ASLA-GA Member is eligible to receive a scholarship. Nonmembers or individuals who have provided recent service to the chapter are also eligible. Priority will be given to hardship cases (e.g. unemployment or family crisis) and to those who have given service to ASLA-GA in the past as determined by the Scholarship Committee (see below). Applicants would be required to write a letter of need and provide a resume and two (2) references. Applications would be due December 1. The scholarship will be awarded the week of January 1. Once an applicant has received a scholarship, he/she is not eligible for renewal or another scholarship in subsequent years. Upon receipt of the scholarship, the recipient will be required to actively serve on a chapter committee for one membership year post-acceptance.

Scholarship Committee:

The Scholarship Committee wil be comprised of the following people: Current Chapter Membership Chair, Current Chapter Trustee, and one individual to be appointed by the Current Chapter President.